Senior Diets and Special Needs

Arthritis will eventually be a fact of life for almost all older dogs, dachshunds included. Obesity can make arthritis worse, so senior diets often contain fewer calories per pound than an adult maintenance food. However, senior diets from premium manufacturers are more than weight-loss formulas. Quality senior foods are now designed to contain more digestible proteins, vitamins, and minerals. This way, the senior dog — with the diminished assimilation abilities of its gastrointestinal tract — can still get the nutrition he needs without having to eat three or four times as much food (and subsequently gaining all that weight).

Additionally, many manufacturers of senior formulas include glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine HCL and chondroiton sulfate as ingredients. These natural compounds have been found to aid in the mobility of joints by slowing or halting the destruction of cartilage. These ingredients are the same grade compounds that you find in health-food stores and pharmacies to aid people with arthritis.

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