Feeding the Adult

Perhaps the single most important thing to remember when feeding the adult dachshund is not to overfeed. The dachshund has an extremely efficient metabolism and an appetite that is never satiated, giving this breed a higher propensity toward obesity than almost any other breed. Obesity can literally be deadly for many dachshunds, since the added weight exacerbates the breed's naturally high risk for back injuries and spinal disorders.

Be sure to know exactly how much food you should be feeding your dachshund. Look on the back of the package for guidelines. Every food has different caloric values, so it is virtually impossible to provide a blanket feeding guide for all dog foods. In general, the amount you feed your miniature or standard is not going to be much compared to larger breeds — and even some smaller breeds that don't have the same propensity to gain weight as the dachshund. But don't worry! Your dachshund is not starving, despite what she seems to be telling you.

If the tiny portions make you feel bad about how little your dachshund is allowed to eat every day, you can add fresh vegetables to her meals. Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and fiber and won't affect your dog's caloric intake.

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