Ear and Eye Care

Long, pendulous ears are more prone to accelerate or exacerbate an ear infection. Dachshunds are not more at risk for ear infections than other breeds. But if an ear infection is cooking, the moist, warm conditions produced by their long ears will make the condition rapidly worsen.

Keeping the Ears Healthy

There are several things you can do to improve the flow of air in and around your dog's ears to help keep this area drier and healthier:

  • Trim ear hair around the base of the ear.

  • Accustom your dachshund to ear washes made to rinse out foreign debris and to dry the ear canal. (Ask your veterinarian for this product.)

  • Clean inside your dachshund's ears and flaps with cotton balls.

  • Don't pluck hairs in the ear canal. This can further irritate the skin and leave tiny open wounds that can be more easily attacked by bacteria.

  • Routinely lift your dogs' earflaps and check for oily discharges and/or a foul odor.

If debris or waxy buildup is inside the canal (where you can't reach with a cotton ball) and the ear wash won't clean it out, have your veterinarian check the condition of the ear. Most importantly do not let an ear infection persist. See your veterinarian immediately if one develops.

Symptoms of an ear infection include shaking and flapping ears, red and swollen ear flaps, pawing and scratching at ears, walking oddly (out of balance), a discharge from one or both ears, and/or a foul smell from the ears.

Caring for the Eyes

If your dachshund has a little discharge from her eyes every once in a while, you can clean this with a moist cotton ball. If, however, the discharge is constant, have your veterinarian examine her eyes. Eye injuries can occur easily. Often, it is hard to detect whether any damage has been done unless you are a veterinarian and have the equipment to see scratches or other changes to the cornea.

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