Ear Infections

The dachshund's ears can become infected from either a foreign body entering the ear canal or as a reaction to allergies. Symptoms of an ear infection include shaking the head and ear flaps, scratching the ears, and walking with the head at a slight angle. Under the ear flap, the dog's ear will appear red.

You may be able to detect inflammation near the ear canal and in the ear flap, as well as a waxy, oily secretion from the ear or a distinct unpleasant odor. Your dog may cry out or snap at you when the infected ear is touched. Ear infections need to be treated quickly before the infection has an opportunity to move into the middle ear or deeper. Treatments include an array of topical medications and oral antibiotics.

Ear infections that are left untreated thicken the walls of the ear canal until surgery on the canal is the only option. Depending on the shape of the ear canal, this entire structure may need to be removed, leaving your dachshund permanently deaf.

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