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Chris Smith
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June 1, 200–

Pat Cummings
Language Coordinator
Any Institute
456 Any Street
City, ST 12345

Dear Mr. Cummings:

Please consider me a strong and enthusiastic candidate for the ESL program coordinator position advertised in the Free Press. I am particularly qualified for this opportunity as a result of my double language major, my current enrollment in two language-proficiency certificate programs, and my past experience in tutorial and teaching roles.

My dual degrees in Spanish and Italian were recently earned from the University of Michigan, an institution known for its challenging language programs. Through these studies I became aware of the demands and technical challenges involved in translation and transcription. Most relevant, I became motivated to enhance my instructional skills while building bilingual talents. As an undergraduate, and now, well after commencement, I tutor peers and younger students in the fundamentals of written and spoken Spanish and Italian.

Having grown up in a bilingual (Spanish/English) environment and having studied abroad in both Spain and Mexico, I am quite sensitive to the challenges of those for whom English is a second language. As your program coordinator, I will transform sincere motivations, knowledge of language lesson planning and implementation, and creative communication talents into well-conceived programs and resources of the Any Institute. I am confident of my abilities to teach ESL classes targeting adults, teens, and youth and to recruit, train, and motivate others to do the same. Please grant me the opportunity to share a sample lesson with you sometime soon and, through an interview, to support all the information contained in the enclosed resume.

Thank you for your consideration. Gracias por su consideración.


Chris Smith

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