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Chris Smith
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June 1, 200–

Pat Cummings, DDS
Dentist456 Any Street
City, ST 12345

Dear Dr. Cummings:

I would like to interview for the Dental Hygienist position you advertised in the Times-Union. However, my concerns for current patients are such that I must ask that my candidacy remain confidential. While I am eager to interview, share motivations and qualifications, and provide references, please do keep our communications private. Summarizing all that appears on the attached resume, I offer:

  • Current experience as a Hygienist, Surgical Assistant, and Assistant Office Manager.

  • Record of success providing state-of-the art prophylaxis treatment to adults and adolescents.

  • Capacity to perform pre-surgical, surgical and post operative care roles.

  • Progressively responsible experience as a Hygienist, Assistant, and Office Administrator.

  • Sound knowledge of medical terminology and clinical procedures.

  • Certified in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and electrocardiography

I am confident that my training and experience can be effectively applied to the requirements of your practice and patients. I can be the professional and pleasant Dental Hygienist you seek. In addition to the resume, attached you will also find a letter of recommendation. If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting with you and further discussing my desires to join your team. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Chris Smith

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