Former Small-Business Owner: Environmental Advocate

Recycling Renegades
123 Any Street • City, ST 12345 • (555) 555-5555 •

Chris Smith, President

June 1, 200–

Pat Cummings
Any Environmental Agency
456 Any Street
City, ST 12345
FAX (555) 555-5557

Dear Director Cummings:

Your article in the May edition of Save Our Earth was impressive. In fact, the article and the mission and offerings of Any Environmental Agency, as dynamically presented on your Web site, have inspired me to seek employment with your agency. Do you currently have an opening for an environmental advocate, public relations person, volunteer coordinator, researcher, or lobbyist?

Described on my resume, and revealed through the annual report also attached, I have a passion for environmental concerns and practical experiences in all of the above areas. For the past four years, I have been operating an entrepreneurial venture, Recycling Renegades. I successfully acquired the first recycling permit in Cambridge for ferrous and nonferrous metal, aluminum, high-grade paper, and plastic. As owner and manager, I conducted research, developed pilot programs, formulated networks for voluntary recycling, picked up and processed materials, and distributed proceeds to community associations. While my motives were altruistic, my accomplishments proved profitable as well.

Now, I wish to use the skills I gained from this venture, and as an undergraduate environmental engineering major, in any of the above cited roles at Any Environmental Agency. It is time to shift to a wider focus, impacting a broader constituency. Would it be possible to meet for an interview? I have several ideas I'd like to share. Will you be attending the environmental affairs conference in New York City? If we haven't connected by phone, e-mail, or in person prior, perhaps we can meet at the conference. Your consideration and past, present, and future inspiration is much appreciated.


Chris Smith


  • Identifies inspiration for contact immediately.

  • Reveals technical knowledge as well as achievements in second paragraph.

  • Reminds of the five possible roles, and reinforces knowledge of the field, desire to interview, and creative options for interacting in closing paragraph.

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