Career Change: Business Consultant

Chris Smith
123 Any Street • City, ST 12345 • (555) 555-5555 •

June 1, 200–

Pat Cummings
Human Resources Director
Any Corporation
456 Any Street
City, ST 12345

Dear Ms. Cummings:

Via this letter and accompanying resume I wish to formalize my candidacy for the business consultant position recently posted in the Arkansas Democratic-Gazette. In summary, some of the qualifications I would like to discuss in detail during an interview include:

  • Experience within consulting and instructional roles, specifically associated with marketing, management information systems, and strategic planning.

  • Specialized knowledge of and experience conducting marketing research, SWOT analyses, and customer-service audits and recommendations.

  • Confidence in report writing, presentation, and program implementation roles.

Currently, I am a faculty member in the Department of Management and Aviation Science at Henderson State University. I am also engaged in several consulting assignments involving troubleshooting, training, and installation, conversion, and maintenance of automated accounting systems. I have taught clients as well as students how to use several applications and operating systems, including spreadsheets, word processing, and accounting programs for Windows and Mac environments.

In strategic market development, the ability to assess customer needs in an e-commerce, web-based marketing environment, to relate them to overall market conditions, and then to determine a response is critical for successful business development. By first conducting appropriate quantitative research and analysis, then presenting findings and strategic implementation, I can provide you with innovative approaches to getting the job done. I look forward to speaking with you regarding value-added services and profitability enhancements. I have conducted some preliminary research already and would welcome the opportunity to share some ideas with you whenever appropriate.


Chris Smith


  • Focuses on key qualifications in paragraph after bullet points, highlighting experiences related to position.

  • Teases reader with references to preliminary research when requesting interview.

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