Admissions and Enrollment Manager

Chris Smith
123 Any Street • City, ST 12345 • (555) 555-5555 •

June 1, 200-

Pat Cummings
Vice President of Enrollment Management
Any School456 Any Street
City, ST 12345

Dear Ms. Cummings:

I trust the enclosed resume, specifically the Admissions Achievements section, highlights my qualifications for an admissions and enrollment management position. Within my professional capacities, I have held titles of Senior Assistant Director and Director of International Recruitment, as well as Assistant Director and Counselor. I have successfully worked in recruitment, candidate assessment, yield, and retention. Now, I seek enhanced roles and responsibilities and challenges at Any School.

With the assistance of colleagues, I doubled the number of international candidates completing applications and interviews and those receiving offers to enroll at Seton Hall University. The key to successful recruitment has been promoting the educational, cocurricular, and employment assets of undergraduate programs, while providing candidates exceptional and personal customer service and advising. Well-informed applicants, generated through extensive outreach, are the cornerstone of any successful admissions undertaking. Admissions and enrollment management success is a function of sharing knowledge of and passion for undergraduate education with local, regional, national, and international applicants.

My in-depth knowledge of admissions, enrollment strategies, and processes, along with my appreciation for how academic, athletic, cocurricular, and residential communities can be marketed, make me an enthusiastic and, I trust, qualified candidate for a position at Any School. I hope to build upon my experiences at Seton Hall and Rutgers at your school. I would be pleased if I could elaborate on my past experience and future ambitions through an interview; perhaps next week's AAAP convention would be a good time for us to talk. I will inquire soon to confirm your receipt of this letter, to learn if you are currently expanding your operation, and to identify appropriate next steps. Thank you for your consideration.


Chris Smith

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