Groupon, Living Social, and Daily Deals

There are a number of websites that offer you great deals on local places along with items for the home, food, clothes, gifts, and so much more. These sites have items discounted on average over 50 percent off the retail cost. It's a great way to get your hands on some items at a fabulous price. But on top of offering you this awesome discount, some of them even give you money when you join and when you refer your friends. If you have a big circle of friends, you can earn yourself some nice referral cash, and your friends will love you because you have shown them some great websites for bargains.

How does this work? Each day they have new deals listed in cites all over the United States. Some of the deals are specific to that location, and others are online deals or for places that are national. When you join the sites, you sign up to get e-mails for your area, but you can also receive e-mails for other areas as well. So if you work or visit another part of the state often, you can receive e-mails for that area as well so you'll know what they offer each day. You can also check the website every day to see what's being offered anywhere in the United States.

If you find a deal you like, you purchase a voucher to use later either in person or online. It's pretty comparable to a gift certificate that is valid at a certain location or for a certain item. Usually about twenty-four to forty-eight hours after your purchase, your voucher will be available in your account. You can then print out the voucher or if it's for an online purchase, you'll just need the voucher number to complete your purchase.

Be sure to read the fine print before purchasing your voucher. Shipping may or may not be included in the voucher. If it is not, check to see what the cost will be to have your item shipped. Sometimes a deal isn't as good when you add in the cost of shipping. It's good to check this before you purchase your voucher so there are no surprises afterward.

Finding the Daily Deal Websites

You've probably seen advertisements on TV for a few of these sites including Groupon and Living Social. They are two of the popular sites along with Eversave that feature lots of great deals every single day. But they aren't the only ones. As of right now you'll find daily deals at the following websites:

There are more sites popping every day, so make sure you search around to find the best deal.

Can I return items I purchase from the daily deal sites?

Sometimes you can return and sometimes you can't. Each website has its own return shipping rules. It may depend on the item you are purchasing—whether it's a final sale or not. Before you make a purchase, check the website's return policy so you aren't surprised afterward. Then you can make the decision if you want to purchase the item or not.

Give the Voucher as a Gift

Need a gift? Consider giving one of these vouchers as a gift; then the recipient can make the purchase herself. There are so many options for items on these sites every day that you are bound to find a gift for someone you know. If you don't want to give them the actual voucher, you can purchase the voucher, save the 50 percent or more, then make the purchase yourself, wrap it up, and they will have no idea how good of a deal you just found!

Because you can purchase vouchers from all over the United States, you can look in other cities and purchase those vouchers as well for gifts. Let's say you want to purchase a gift for friends who live in another state. Just head on over to the page that has the deals listed for their area and if you find a restaurant that you know is local to them, you can purchase the voucher and then send it to them as a gift. And guess what? You can even e-mail it since they usually come in a PDF file. How easy is that?

You will also find deals on these sites for gift delivery items like flowers, candy, and cookies. Those things can get very expensive especially when you add in the delivery service. But if you purchase the voucher at a savings of at least 50 percent, then spending that extra on the delivery service is well worth it, especially if this is something that you would be sending anyway. Why not save on it? You can save on just about anything you need to buy, including flowers delivered to Mom for Mother's Day.

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