Newspapers and Printed Material

The local weekend newspaper is a great source to gather coupons. Each week you will find at least one coupon insert in the Sunday paper, with the exception of some holiday weekends. If there are going to be some good coupons that weekend, you can purchase an extra copy of the newspaper to get more coupons. Some dollar stores even sell them for $1 each. Of course getting a subscription to your local paper will save you a lot in the long run since buying newspapers every weekend can add up. But if you're using your coupons, then it's not really a waste of money.

You can find coupon insert previews during the week before the inserts are issued on several websites including This preview is a great tool in gauging if you want to purchase the paper or not, and if you'd like additional copies. Coupons do vary by region, so you may not get every coupon listed, but if you use it as a guide it can be helpful.

You may even be lucky enough to find a Saturday edition newspaper that has the coupons for that weekend—a day early. You'll even save money since it will cost less than the Sunday edition. These vary from place to place and if the Saturday edition has coupons, then the Sunday edition may not. It's rare to come by, but check your local stores on Saturdays to see if you're one of the lucky few to get this nice little bonus on the weekend!

Always check the newspaper before you leave the store to see if the coupons are there. Sometimes the coupon inserts go missing and you don't want to end up with that newspaper, especially if you are only purchasing it for the coupons. It's always best to check first so you're not disappointed when you get home.

Coupons in Magazines

Magazines are another great source for finding coupons. Magazines include coupons for products that they advertise and for products that relate to the magazine's articles, as well. Always check the magazine thoroughly before tossing it in the recycle bin. If you find a magazine that tends to have a lot of coupons that you use each month, you may want to consider getting a subscription to save on the purchase price. It's always more expensive to purchase a magazine at the newsstand than through a subscription. Even if you spend $20 for a one-year subscription, as long as you use at least two $1.00 coupons from the magazine each month, you'll be ahead.

All You Magazine

All You magazine is a great place to find coupons. The magazine is full of coupons each month on all sorts of products. You can purchase All You magazine only at Walmart or by subscription. There's a very good chance that the first two issues will pay for a one-year subscription, just in coupon savings.

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