Find Coupons Online

Most people get their daily news online and are purchasing fewer newspapers. Manufacturers realize this, so in order to be sure that you'll get their coupons, they have begun to offer them online. The coupons can be found in several places but the first place you should look is on their website. If there is a particular product that you use, check the company's website to see if they have any printable coupons available. If they do, then you should be able to easily locate the coupons on the main page or at least a link to them. Look for an area labeled “special offers” or “coupons.”

It's a great idea to also sign up for their e-mail alerts; then you'll be notified of new coupons as they are available. Because coupon prints are limited, it's best to be one of the first to know of the coupon to have the chance to print it.

Check the Couponing Blogs

There are many blogs out there dedicated to helping you save money with coupons. They also help you save time by highlighting the new coupons as they become available—every day! Do some research and find a site or two that you like and follow them so you'll be notified each time they find a new coupon. (Google is a great place to start your research. If you do a simple search for “using coupons” or “coupon blog,” you'll find a great list.) Any way you can save time in couponing is worth it. You may even get coupons that are hard to find on these blogs. Some of them work closely with companies and are able to offer you coupons that you can't find anywhere else.

When signing up for online newsletters, use an alternate e-mail address so as not to fill up your in-box. You can get free e-mail addresses from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, and more. This way all your personal e-mails won't get buried and you'll have all your newsletters in one spot.

Search for Coupons on Google

One of the best ways to find a coupon you are looking for online is to do a Google search for it, along with the words “printable coupon.” You'll find an abundance of sites that will tell you where to get the coupon. Be sure to check the date, as Google is known for pulling up older posts. And always remember that printable coupons have a limit; once that limit is met, the coupon is no longer available. But that doesn't mean it won't come back again. Even if you found an old coupon, check to see if it has reset and you can still print it. (Hint: If you are able to print the coupon again, then that means it's been reset.)

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