What Are the Risks in Exercising?

The most common risk in exercising is not preparing yourself properly to exercise and sustaining an injury to your muscles and joints. This is usually brought about by exercising too hard or for too long, particularly if you have been inactive for some time and are out of shape. Injuries due to exercise usually happen because you do not warm up and stretch adequately before beginning vigorous exercise. Getting injured in the beginning stages of an exercise program may cause you to drop out of exercising entirely. Being injured may increase your level of anxiety due to pain and added stress in being able to function on a daily basis.

Be sure you learn how to prepare yourself for aerobic exercise. If you have not gotten clearance from your physician and have a medical condition, exercise can cause you to become ill, or may exacerbate your condition, instead of help it. Another risk is heat exhaustion or heat stroke, which may occur on hot humid days. Both can be avoided by drinking enough liquids to replace those lost during exercise, keeping out of the sun, and limiting your physical activities to an air conditioned place.


If you experience the warning signs of chest pain, lightheadedness, fainting, and extreme breathlessness while you are exercising outside in warm/hot weather, these symptoms may be the beginning of heatstroke. Heatstroke can be fatal if not attended to immediately. These symptoms should never be ignored. Notify your doctor immediately or have someone call for you.

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