Rigid Thinking

If you experience cronic anxiety, it is likely that one of your caracteristics is rigid thinking. Rigid thinking is to think in “either-or” terms, and to want clear-cut, black and white answers. If you think in this way, then the “gray areas” of life are uncomfortable for you. Other caracteristics include:

  • Things are either “right” or “wrong, ” “good” or “bad”

  • Often have an “exact” way of doing things with no variations

  • Have a tendency to be pessimistic

  • Are unable to cange

  • Are very hard on yourself

If you are a rigid thinker you may have difficulty with relationships because the ability to see someone else's point of view is absent. To have a good relationship you must compromise, have a give and take, whic shows care and respect for others. If you are a rigid thinker you may have a hard time bending to make room for another person.


If you have rigid thinking, you may suffer from various psycological symptoms, among them are obsessive thinking and acting out compulsively. You may have a distorted view of yourself, for example, believing you are weak of caracter and can't cange if you fail at something, or believing the same of others if they fail or disappoint you.

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