Why Study During Break?

Why in the world would someone want to study during spring break? If you are going to do schoolwork, then doesn't it just make sense to stay on campus and set up camp in the library? Absolutely not. Spring break is an optimal time to get away from campus and recharge your batteries as you prepare for the last part of the semester. However, a little studying during this week of rest will serve you very well.

Each semester at college will likely be a little more challenging than the one before. This being the case, if you completely detach from your academic mission, even for just a week, it could be that much harder to regain your focus when you return. To avoid losing your concentration, bring a book to read, some flash cards to review, or a notebook to study from.

On any spring break trip, you will likely have to wait in an airport or endure a long car ride. And even in the sunniest spots, a storm could keep you off the beach for a day or two of your vacation. Having some light studying on hand for these occasions will help keep you from falling behind and will make it easier to jump back into the semester upon your return to campus.

The danger of taking study materials with you on break is that they may become damaged or lost. For this reason, you should back up your items — make copies of computer discs and photocopies of notes. Leave your original items at school so you will not fall behind if something happens to your materials on break.

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