Campus Police/Public Safety

Your campus may have either a police force or a public safety department. The difference is that police will have advanced training and arrest powers, and may carry guns, while public safety officers will be highly trained but cannot arrest or carry guns. Regardless of which type of safety officers are present on your campus, they are there to serve and protect you. Officers are charged to maintain an orderly and safe environment in which you can learn and grow.

Because most college residential communities are close-knit and very dense, it is easy to get to know the officers who routinely patrol the area in which you live. It is a good idea to get to know these officers so that you are more than just another face in the crowd in case of emergency. Usually, unless they are responding to some emergency or problem, these officers are happy to get to know you and consider it part of their job to do so. It is always easier to ask for help from someone you know than someone you do not know, so getting to know your local officers pays off in many ways.

Many campus safety departments provide special training opportunities for students. Training topics can range from personal safety and crime prevention to self-defense or rape prevention. These sessions are usually free and very informative, so be on the lookout for advertisements about them. Sometimes campus safety departments also sponsor clubs that are concerned with student safety that are enjoyable and great learning opportunities.

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