Competitive and Noncompetitive Displays

You work hard to assemble your collection. You may spend some significant money in the process as well. You may spend some of this money on the coins or bank notes, but you may also have spent some significant money on the holders or display cabinets in which you house what you have assembled.

Some people, as was mentioned earlier, are very private “closet” collectors, treating the hobby as a solitary activity. These are the introverts. They will likely never have any interest in displaying their collection to anyone other than themselves. But hobbyists who are interested in the social aspects of the hobby may like to display their collections for others to enjoy as well.

My collection is less than perfect. Can I still display it?Absolutely! You don't have to have a world-class coin collection to display it. If you want to display your collection competitively, you will need a high quality collection that is reasonably complete, but many people will simply join a local coin club in displaying their collections at a local library or other public place.

Becoming involved in such public displays can be rewarding, although for security reasons, don't have your name and address associated with the display. Use good taste in your presentation. Use some creative artwork, and involve your family in preparing the display. This should be part of the fun of collecting. Once more it gets you involved on a social level.

People who feel they can win display awards should focus more on the regional and national coin shows, but displaying your collection or parts of it can be for virtually anyone. Be proud of what you collect.

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