Balloon Wine

Makes 5 bottles

¼ teaspoon dry yeast

4 cups sugar

1 gallon distilled water

1 thick toy punching balloon

1 large can thawed frozen grape juice

1 large can thawed frozen apple juice

Making homemade wine properly involves lots of wine-making tools and utensils. This simple recipe anyone can make. You are allowed by law to make as much homemade wine as you wish. You just cannot sell it.

Mix the juice, yeast, and sugar. Funnel into a glass gallon jug and fill with distilled water. Fit the balloon over the mouth of the jug and secure with string. Set the jug in a dark place for three weeks. The balloon will inflate and then deflate again. When the balloon goes limp, pour out the wine, being careful not to disturb the sediment. Bottle and chill.

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