Understanding the Benefits of Coaching

Exactly what are the benefits of being a manager and a coach at the same time? For starters, coaches who get the utmost out of their employees realize the personal and professional satisfaction of seeing their managerial talents bear real fruit. Additional benefits that accrue to successful coaches include a pat on the head from the executive class (nice), financial remuneration (nicer still), and sometimes even a promotion (how sweet it is!).

And, if none of these things come your way, battle-tested and results-oriented coaches can always take their formidable track records of managerial accomplishments somewhere else. Capable coaches, with tried-and-true accomplishments on their resumes, are in high demand on the corporate frontier. They are rare birds indeed. When you demonstrate that you can manage men and women with supreme confidence, as well as deliver the goods, you can — in effect — write your own career script.

If New York is the “city that never sleeps,” then coaching and mentoring are the managerial methods that never sleep. Their tools and techniques are rooted in never-ending learning. And this continuous learning requires that coaches, mentors, and employees alike view the workplace as a learning hub without knowledge boundaries.

The pièce de résistance of first-rate coaching is its many tentacles. That is, high-performing employees are similarly put on the fast track of personal growth and career advancement. If you boldly delegate real responsibilities and challenge your employees to better themselves, you — as a conscientious coach — grow their skills and make them more self-sufficient and productive workers. In other words, employees who respond favorably to a coach's guardianship are destined to rise in the company or — perhaps — in another company that is on the prowl for self-motivated, solid talent.

In the big picture, coaching and mentoring methods are designed to better the lot of one and all under their attentive thumb. Simply stated, the coaching and mentoring learning tree avails its fruit to those who are willing to sample it. Adept coaches, as well as those on the receiving end of their intelligent, devoted leadership, are always poised to move on to the next level of learning and of skills.

The coach-employee relationship, and the learning environment that's part and parcel of it, embodies not only career growth and, hopefully, a fatter paycheck, but a rewarding interior journey as well, where all concerned feel better about themselves and what they do. And this job satisfaction cuts across their professional lives and into their personal lives. The bottom line: Reliable, results-oriented coaches can always take pride in the knowledge that they inspired people to perform at higher levels than they otherwise would have if left to their own devices.

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