Speech Therapist

If you choose to become a speech therapist, a speech-language pathologist, or a speech and language therapist, you'll be joining the speech-language pathology profession, a dedicated group of school-based caregivers who treat students with problems related to speech, vision, and hearing.

Such cognitive difficulties can unnecessarily impede kids' educational progress, but thanks to speech therapists and others, kids can frequently overcome their impairments and enjoy wonderful academic success.

When you work as a speech therapist, you'll help kids overcome numerous impediments and strengthen their ability to:

  • Pronounce and articulate words

  • Understand the syntax and phonetics of language to facilitate correct usage

  • Employ appropriate physiognomy and general body language

  • Read with self-assurance and confidence and create effective written compositions

You'll give your assigned students regular practice routines designed to correct problems and enhance each kid's ability to make themselves understood. You'll also utilize a variety of professional tools such as Blis-symbolics, pictographic communication symbols developed by Australian language-expert Charles Bliss, to help people with cerebral palsy communicate. Other tools can include laptop computers, speech-producing devices, sign language, and stroboscopes used to inspect vocal cords.

To become a speech therapist, you'll spend upward of three years earning your graduate-level master's degree in speech-language pathology from an accredited university, plus additional coursework for your credential. You'll then need to pass the state examination to earn your Clinical Rehabilitative Services Credential (again, the certificate's exact title varies from state to state).

Once you've completed all your requirements and have your degree and credential in hand, you'll be ready to join the proud ranks of speech therapists who consistently make a significant difference in children's lives.

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