The Power of Poseidon

When the Olympian gods divided the domains by drawing lots, Poseidon drew the seas. However, his power extended beyond the sea to include other bodies of water, such as lakes and freshwater springs. Some myths say he also controlled the rivers, although most rivers had their own lesser deities.

Poseidon was often called “Earth-Shaker” because he had the power to create earthquakes. Using his trident, he could generate savage sea storms, force the waves as high as he desired, summon sea monsters, and cause landslides and floods. He answered to no one except Zeus, and even Zeus could not always rein him in before severe damage was done. It is no wonder Poseidon was feared by all, especially seafarers.

Poseidon had the power to shape-shift. Like most of the gods and goddesses, Poseidon could transform himself into any animal or mortal he chose. He often took advantage of this power, making life difficult for those who tried to escape or avoid him.

But even with the power of the seas at his command, Poseidon was not satisfied with his realm. He wanted more, and his greed led him to challenge Zeus. As you recall, Poseidon was one of the original three Olympians who conspired against Zeus, wanting to take over his role as ruler of the gods. When the attempted mutiny failed, Poseidon was again subordinate to Zeus. The sea god tried to heighten his standing by becoming the patron of more cities than the other gods.

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