How to Measure

Don't guess! Accurate measuring is the key to good results.

How to Measure Liquid Ingredients

  1. Use a liquid measuring cup — a glass or plastic cup with graduated markings on the side.

  2. Place the cup on a flat, level surface.

  3. View the liquid at eye level.

Tip: Liquid measuring cups can be greased with a small amount of oil or shortening before measuring thick liquids like honey.

How to Measure Dry Ingredients

  1. Use graduated nesting measuring cups (dry measuring cups).

  2. Spoon the ingredient into the appropriate cup, or dip the cup into the container of a dry ingredient.

  3. Level it off with a knife or spatula.

Exception: Brown sugar must be packed into the measuring cup, pressing firmly with the fingers. The sugar should retain the shape of the measuring cup when it is dumped.

How to Measure Soft Ingredients

  1. Use graduated dry measuring cups.

  2. Fresh bread crumbs, coconut, shredded cheeses, and similar soft ingredients should be lightly pressed down into the selected measuring cup.

Exception: Solid shortening must be firmly packed down into a dry ingredient measuring cup. Scoop it into the selected cup, pack with a spatula or the back of a spoon, then level it off with a spatula or knife.

How to Use Measuring Spoons

  1. Use graduated measuring spoons for both liquid and dry ingredients.

  2. For dry ingredients, level with a knife or spatula.

  3. For liquid ingredients, pour carefully, near but not over the mixing bowl.

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