Causes of ADHD

ADHD has a strong genetic basis. Children with ADHD are likely to have other family members with the condition. You should not feel guilty if you have passed on the ADHD trait to your child, just as you shouldn't feel guilty if you passed on the gene for curly hair. It's not really up to you to decide what genetic inheritance you give your children. Perhaps the ADHD trait will actually turn out to be a gift that your child can take advantage of, once the condition is under control.

The Sugar High

You have probably heard parents blaming candy bars and sweetened drinks for their children's rowdy behavior. Despite the popularity of this myth, there is absolutely no scientific evidence backing it. Scientists and pediatricians know that there is no such thing as a “sugar high,” and the observation by many parents that their children tend to run around like wild beasts after a hit of sugar is purely anecdotal.

Video Games

Many parents are quick to blame the popularity of video games for the rise in past decades of ADHD. Despite the rapidly growing popularity of video games, however, the number of children diagnosed with ADHD has only risen gradually. If gaming were to blame for ADHD, then over half of the children in this country would have been diagnosed with ADHD already.

In fact, children with ADHD often excel at video games. Even though this is a common observation in children with ADHD, the explanation for this apparent paradox is hard to come by. While these children find it difficult to finish other tasks, they can remain intensely focused on a game for many hours. The child's ability to focus for an extended period of time on a video game leads some parents to believe that their child could not have ADHD.

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