Puppy or Adult?

Raising a puppy and adopting an adult dog can both be memorable and heartwarming experiences. Both come with challenges and benefits. Determine what aspects of dog ownership you are most interested in, as these can influence whether a puppy or a rescued adult would be best for your lifestyle and current situation.


Chihuahua pups need the same training as any other dog. A lot of a puppy owner's time is spent in socializing and training the puppy in order that it can become a good companion and a good canine. Of course, raising a puppy means that you are the pup's greatest influence, and you will be able to shape your Chihuahua into the adult dog he will become.

Puppies need diligent housetraining; the owner must be able to have the time and make the effort to achieve success in this area. Chi pups are very small, so while the puppy is learning, the potential mess is not nearly that of an untrained adult dog. Additionally, puppies go through a teething period in which anything and everything is a potential chew item. And puppies aren't just energetic — they're highly energetic. This is most likely why Chi puppies are so adorable; they have to be in order to make it through the first twelve months!


Adult dogs offer the pet owner the ability to know precisely what she is adopting. The dog's temperament is fully formed at this time. She's finished growing, so there are no guesses as to final size and weight. An adult dog is still energetic; however, it's not the same extraordinary level of energy as a puppy. With an adult dog, you'll be aware of her good (and undesirable) behaviors, as well as having a good feel for the dog's health status since many diseases are detectable in an adult and not in a puppy.

A potential downside to adopting an adult dog is that you won't experience the adorable but fleeting puppy stage. On the flip side, you've also avoided the potential destruction that goes along with puppy teething and housetraining. A rescued Chihuahua's life may also not be as long as a puppy's (because you've missed the first few years) but even this is not a given. Who really knows how long any individual dog is going to live?

Puppy Love At Any Age

Both puppy and adult Chihuahuas are wonderful to own. Each age has its advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind. If you make sure that when you select your Chihuahua you've made your decision based on research and guided by love, your choice will surely meet your expectations in a companion. After all, this is the Chihuahua we are talking about, a breed that is renowned for its affection, loyalty, and longevity. With good choices and a little luck, you will be owned by a tremendous canine companion.

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