Teeth Are Number-One Priority

Chihuahuas have a reputation for bad teeth. Periodontal disease is so common among Chihuahuas that many owners just accept this as a Chi thing. It doesn't have to be. Bad breath, loss of teeth, and inability to eat dry food do not have to be part of your Chihuahua's fate. But you have to take the situation into your own hands.

First, feed your dog a dry food so that she must sink her teeth into the kibble, which helps to scrub tartar from her teeth. Next, provide your Chihuahua with lots of delectable chew toys and treats. Rope toys serve as floss, if your Chi will chew on them. Hardbaked artificial bones can encourage even the pickiest chewer to work on removing tartar. And stuffable toys that make your dog chew to release the biscuits are also a good idea.

You must also learn to brush your Chi's teeth. If your pup or adult Chi hasn't had her teeth brushed before, begin brushing with a rubber-knobbed finger brush. When she accepts this activity, you can begin using a toothbrush.

When brushing your Chi's teeth, be sure to use only toothpaste that has been made specifically for dogs. Human toothpastes contain fluoride and other chemicals that can't be swallowed, which is exactly what your Chihuahua is going to do with her toothpaste.

Additionally, dog toothpaste comes in chicken and beef flavors. And finally, if your Chihuahua is undergoing a procedure that requires anesthesia, such as a spay or neuter, take advantage of this opportunity to have your puppy or dog's teeth deep cleaned and given a fluoride treatment.

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