Looking for a Good Home

A common place to find adult Chihuahuas up for adoption is through the local newspaper. Pet owners who really love their dogs but have run into circumstances that are beyond their control, forcing them to give up their Chihuahuas, will often place an ad in the paper so that they can screen potential adopters. This kind of owner isn't looking to make a profit; instead, he wants to have some control in assuring that his dog will have a permanent, loving home.

What to Expect

You can expect to be asked to come to the owner's home in order to meet the dog. While there, the owner will most likely ask some questions about how you will be able to care for and treat the dog. You should also take this time to ask the owner exactly why he is giving up his Chihuahua.

Request permission to review the dog's veterinary records with the dog's veterinarian. If the dog has any serious or chronic health issues and requires expensive medications or treatments, you'll want to know these up front.

Even if price is not mentioned in the ad, expect to pay a small price for the dog — perhaps $100 to $200. Though the owner may give you the dog, it is usually recommended that the adopting person pay something for the dog. This helps to ensure that the adopter is serious about owning the dog, and it helps to prevent those who try to scoop up unwanted toy breeds for unethical reasons. (In this world there are those who place no value on life and who find enjoyment in torturing poor, defenseless animals.)

Buyer Beware

Be aware, too, that if you take this dog home and things don't work out, the seller of the dog will not be in a position to take the dog back. If he could keep the dog, he wouldn't be trying to place her in a good home. It's a buyer-beware situation. However, if you spend enough time with the animal and the owner, check out the owner's veterinarian, and even consider bringing a Chihuahua fancier along with you to help evaluate the dog's temperament, it is very possible to adopt a charming, lovable dog that will give you years and years of companionship.

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