Chakras and Meridians

The chakra system is connected to major lines of energy in the body, called nadis. The life force that flows through these is called prana, in Sanskrit. Prana is the same as the flow of energy of Chinese medicine called chi and in Japanese qi. If you practice tai chi or qi gong, you are accustomed to working with that energy.


Chinese acupuncture is based on the desire to help chi flow freely throughout the body. The practice of acupuncture is to place tiny hair-thin needles on acupressure points to stimulate certain meridians that connect to different organs of the body. Meridians are energy channels that connect hands, feet, head, and all body parts together.

Acupuncture is a treatment that you receive repeatedly, even if for the same condition. Many people experience relief immediately, but because energy is always shifting and reacting to other energetic stimuli, acupuncture treatment is something that is scheduled on a regular basis to help continue to balance energy flow over time. The results of one treatment aren't usually permanent.

Chakras Correlation to Specific Meridians

In Paul Grilley's DVD on the chakras, he gives a straightforward list of which chakras control energy flow through which meridians. Grilley's list is based on the work of Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama. The correlations are shown in the following table, with the primary meridians being the ones most strongly affected by their corresponding chakras.


The purpose of having this research available is to notice how different systems of thought can work together for overall healing. If you already work with the meridians, there might be ways that you can use this information to enhance your healing practices.

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