Chakras and Crystal Healing

Crystals come from the earth and are believed to have certain healing qualities. When you place the crystals on your body, your intentions help the energy of the crystals enter into your body. The healing energy vibrates into your physical body and stimulates the chakras.

Cleansing Crystals

Before using your crystals, it's important to cleanse them of negative energy. You can cleanse them by leaving them out overnight in the light of a full moon. The energy of the moon is said to clear them, returning them to their own pure vibration. There are other ways to cleanse crystals of negative energy:

• Go to a fresh spring, and bathe your crystal with the points facing downward.

• Create a salt solution using sea salt and water. Only use sea salt and cool water. Place the crystal, point down, and leave it to cleanse in the solution overnight.

• Bury your crystal in a jar of dry sea salt, dried herbs, or outside in the earth overnight.

• “Smudge” your crystals by burning sage leaves and clearing the air around the crystals with the smoke from the burning sage. You can buy sage already bundled specifically for smudging, and one bundle can be used several times.

Use glass or ceramic containers to cleanse your crystals. And before cleansing crystals in water, make sure your crystals aren't water soluble or else they will dissolve. As you cleanse your crystals, imagine white light flooding through them. Send them love from your heart and fill them with an intention, such as, “I intend for this crystal to cultivate easeful healing for my highest good.” It's always best to use the word “ease” and “easefully” when you set intentions for healing.

Choosing Crystals for Each Chakra

Books and charts differ about which crystals will help heal each chakra. You can cultivate your own relationship to crystals, and find which ones you can connect with. There are some standards with each chakra that follow the rainbow as a guide: red for Muladhara, orange for Svadhistana, yellow for Manipura, green or pink for Anahata, blue for Visuddha, indigo for Ajna, and a white/clear or amethyst crystal for Sahasrara.

Allow yourself to be creative with the crystals. Find out what particular crystals are known for, and match them up to what you might need at each chakra. Because each person is different, there is not a prescription that will suit everyone. As a starting point, though, the rainbow guide will work well.

The colors of the rainbow associated with each chakra will help bolster a deficient chakra. If you have an excessive chakra, rather than using a crystal to enhance that chakra, try using a crystal at the chakras below or above the excessive one to help diffuse the excess energy.

Crystal healing potential is activated by the mind's intention. Just like all else on earth, crystals vibrate at certain frequencies. When placed near the chakra you want to balance, with your or your healer's intention, the crystal increases the healing vibration. Crystals amplify the energy you send through them and draw out negative energies from the body.

Once crystals have been cleansed, keep them in a nice pouch on your altar, or in another special place. If you keep them in a place where you can see them, then every time you see them you can be reminded of the natural beauty and healing energy that comes from the earth.

Placement of Crystals

One of the ways to use crystals for healing is to place one in your non-dominant hand. Meditate on the crystal, its healing power, and the intention you want to infuse in it. Hold the crystal in your hand, and then move your hand toward the area of your body for healing to occur. Hold it there, with the crystal against your body, and meditate on its healing energy. On each exhale, envision the crystal drawing negative energy out. On each inhale, imagine the body absorbing the crystal's healing energy.

You can also use one of the meditations from this book that is appropriate to that chakra. If you want to do this lying down, you can lay the crystals on your body and meditate with them there while you lie down. Some say that the less you touch the crystals the better, that way their energy remains purely their own. Others say as long as you keep your energy positive and on your healing, then your own hands and energy will enhance the crystal's effects. Try it both ways and see which way works best for you.

After you've finished using the crystals for this visualization, take some time for the healing effects to integrate. Give yourself a few moments, at least, before resuming other activities. Allow the effects to sink in.

You could also use crystal healing after another chakra healing practice. For example, you could start your chakra healing session with a yoga sequence, and then follow it up with crystal healing. Or, while you do your yoga sequence you could take a few sips of your crystal essence.

Is there another way I can use crystal energy for healing?

You can create an “essence” with quartz. Water will copy the crystal's vibration. To create an essence, place spring water in a glass container, and have crystals surrounding it with the points facing the water. After a few hours, use it in your bath water or sip it a few times per day. It will last two to three days.

If you create an essence, or elixir, it has the vibrational quality of the crystal. To preserve your essence for more than a couple of days, place it in a dark glass bottle and add the same amount of vodka as liquid, as a preservative. Keep the bottle out of sunlight and out of contact with other bottles.

Crystals Matched with Chakras

There are many kinds of crystals to choose from. Here are some examples of crystals you can use at each chakra, following the rainbow as your guide.

With these suggestions as your guide, you will find crystals of different shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter which one you choose. Choose what you feel attracted to, and don't forget to cleanse it before each use.

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