Aromatherapy for the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is associated with fluidity, creation, sexuality, and emotions. You want essential oils that will calm the emotions and ease fear of change. Recommended essential oils are sandalwood, jasmine, and rose.

Sacral Chakra, Aromatherapy, and Ayurveda

When the Sacral Chakra is blocked you could experience fiery emotions, which is different from the balanced state that is full of sweetness, fluidity, and trust. With a fire in the Sacral Chakra, you could look to Ayurveda for balancing pitta if you also have other qualities that show pitta is acting up in you.

Aromatherapy for Sacral and Pitta Imbalance

The same essential oils are recommended for balancing pitta as for balancing the Sacral Chakra: sandalwood, jasmine, and rose. You can dilute these in coconut oil, which is cooling, and rub it particularly on the lower half of your torsofront and back, in the area that surrounds your Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras.

Ayurveda supports essential oils as healing aids, with cooling and heating properties that affect the doshas. According to Dr. David Frawley in Ayurvedic Healing, “essential oils can be placed directly on various sites on the skin, like the points of the seven chakras (especially the third eye).”

To calm pitta, rose is among the recommended essential oils. In addition to any aforementioned techniques for receiving the benefits of aromatherapy, you can also buy rose water that is designed to be sprayed into your eyes for cooling and cleansing effects. It's very healthy for the eyes, and can be part of your routine even if you don't need to balance pitta or your Sacral Chakra.

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