Aromatherapy for the Root Chakra

As your connection to the earth, when the Root Chakra is balanced you will feel grounded. To balance this chakra you may choose essential oils from a plant that has earthy and red-toned colors. Suggested oils are patchouli, myrrh, and cedarwood.

Root Chakra Aromatherapy and Ayurveda

If you notice that you need to balance your Root Chakra to feel more grounded, check to see what Ayurvedic imbalances you have, as well. Ayurveda also works with essential oils. See if there is a correlation between what you notice about your dosha and your chakras. For example, if you are feeling ungrounded, it could also be a symptom of a vata imbalance.

Aromatherapy and Vata Imbalance

For calming vata, essential oils cinnamon, sandalwood, myrrh, rose, and jasmine are recommended. Dilute these in sesame, almond, or olive oil. You can use this mixture as part of your daily self-care routine, when you massage oils into your body.

Even if you don't have a vata imbalance, some of these oils are also good for pitta and kapha imbalances. As a rule, the flowery ones are usually recommended for pitta (such as jasmine), and the warming stimulating oils that are good for vata are also useful for kapha (such as cinnamon and myrrh).

If you don't want to massage the diluted oils into your entire body, it's particularly helpful for grounding to massage the oil into your feet, scalp, and third eye. Or, another way to receive the benefits of the essential oil is to put one or two drops on a cotton ball, and inhale the aroma from the cotton ball.

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