Aromatherapy for the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra, like the third eye, is a prime location for putting any of the essential oils because of the proximity to the brain. The essential oils that are recommended for this chakra are ylang-ylang and rosewood. Both these scents are said to connect you to the universal energy, helping you to experience out-of-this-world states of relaxation and bliss.

The Crown Chakra, Aromatherapy, and Ayurveda

Because the Crown Chakra is your energetic gateway to bliss and oneness with the universe, it doesn't correlate simply to any of the doshas. The Crown Chakra isn't reliant on the workings of the physical body or how the elements of nature are at work within you. If your Crown Chakra is excessive, it can make you feel ungrounded. And you can use the aromatherapy recommendations for vata imbalance to help. If your Crown Chakra is sluggish, you could experience depression and inability to focus. For this, try aromatherapy for kapha.

The Crown Chakra and Vata or Kapha Imbalance

Because both vata and kapha benefit from warming and stimulating oils, when your Crown Chakra is out of balance and you feel as though you are experiencing vata or kapha imbalances, try any of these essential oils: camphor, musk, or cinnamon. If your experience feels more like a vata imbalance, use sesame oil as the base carrier. For kapha, it'd be better to use mustard or flaxseed oil as a base carrier. Once you mix the base carrier with the essential oil, massage it into the top of your head, for the benefit of the Crown Chakra and your overall sense of balance.

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