Welsh/British Goddesses

Arianrhod: “Silver Wheel,” the mother of Lleu, and the sea god Dylan.

Blodeuedd: “Flower Face,” the wife of Lleu.

Branwen: “White Raven,” the sister of Bran, probably a goddess of love and healing.

Cerridwen: A goddess of wisdom and knowledge. Welsh bards referred to themselves as Cerddorion, sons of Cerridwen.

Don: A mother goddess, equivalent to the Irish Danu and the Gaulish goddess of the Danube river.

Modron: A mother goddess, the equivalent of the Gaulish Matronae and the Irish.

Morrigan: The mother of Mabon. Modron may also be a forerunner of the literary Morgan le Fay.

Olwen: “White Track,” the wife of Culwhch, possibly related to Guinevere or Blodeuedd.

Rhiannon: A sovereignty/horse goddess, possibly related to the Gaulish Epona and the Irish Macha.

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