Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism

Celtic Reconstructionism (CR) is a relatively recent brand of Celtic neopaganism. It is similar in many ways to neodruidry, in that both attempt to achieve some semblance of authenticity in their spiritual practices. Unlike druidry, however, the reconstructionists tend to cast a wider net, with a broader interest in Celtic culture as a whole. Reconstructionists also tend to follow a less rigid initiatory system — where druid orders tend to emphasize the classical ideals of druid priesthood with its lengthy training, hierarchical systems, and emphasis on philosophy, Celtic paganism looks to be more accessible, open, and culturally aware.

CRs also tend to appear more noticeably pagan, with emphasis on ritual, altered states, visionary practices, and polytheistic worship. Many Reconstructionist groups focus on a particular culture, be it Irish, Scottish, or Gallic, and some groups restrict membership to applicants who share a particular Celtic ethnic background. Unlike Wicca and related pagan faiths, Celtic Reconstructionists tend to avoid eclecticism, or the borrowing of elements from other religions or cultures.

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