Games of Skill

In games of skill, your knowledge of and proficiency at the game can greatly influence your odds of winning. Blackjack and most variations of poker fall into this category, and the better you are at these games, the more likely you are to win in the long run. In blackjack, for example, understanding and following what is known as basic strategy can significantly improve your chances of leaving the table a winner. Likewise, your win rate at the poker table should improve as you gain experience, if you make wise choices when it comes to betting and deciding which hands to play and which to throw away.

Games of skill at the typical casino are:


Caribbean Stud poker

Pai Gow poker

Red Dog or Acey Deucy poker

Let It Ride poker

Video poker

Video blackjack


Sports betting

It should be noted that Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow, Red Dog, and Let It Ride poker involve less skill than the other games listed here. Knowledge of these games, your choices as a player, and the odds accompanying those choices can make you a better player and slightly improve your chances of winning. However, these games have house edges that most experts consider unbeatable over the long haul.

Horseracing and sports betting are games of skill because your level of knowledge and understanding directly influence your choices. The more you know about racing or sports, the more often you will make winning selections. If you rely on hunches and gut feelings, you're more likely to lose when you wager.

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