Betting Strategies

The best craps strategy for the novice is to take advantage of the pass-line and odds bets. With these wagers, you can enjoy the game without worrying too much about technicalities. As has been shown, some of the other options offer poor odds or a high house edge and should be avoided.

Some experts recommend that you continue making come bets until all the possible points are covered, but that may be too risky for the casual player. A more moderate approach is to make come bets until you have three numbers covered; if you win on one point, then you can place another bet so that you still have three numbers working for you.

You also can try hedge betting, which is a wager that more or less wipes out another wager. For example, you can combine a come bet with an “any craps” proposition bet. You'll win even money on the come bet, but lose your proposition wager, or you'll win 7:1 on the proposition wager and lose your even money wager.

The craps table layout may display payout ratios both as “to” and “for.” Remember the difference: If the payout is 10 to 1, or 10:1, you'll get your $5 bet back plus $50. If you bet $5 on a 10-for-1 payout, you'll get $50 back when you win, but not your original $5 bet.

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