California Jack

California Jack is a game based on All Fours that uses the entire deck of cards and is played with only two players. The objective is to earn points by winning or losing tricks and receiving cards from the stockpile. You'll need a standard deck of fifty-two cards to play.

A random dealer is selected who deals out six cards, one at a time and face down, to each player. The remaining cards are turned face up in a stockpile, and the top card determines the trump suit. Deal then alternates with each hand.

If you are the dealer, play begins with the your opponent laying down one card from his hand. You must follow suit, if able, or you must play a trump if you have a card in the trump suit. Otherwise, you may play any card in your hand. The winner of the trick takes both cards and places them face down beside him. He then takes the top card from the stockpile to add to his hand. The loser of that trick takes the second card to add to his hand. Play continues until the stockpile is depleted, and each player then plays the remaining six cards in his hand.

The players score their hands and receive one point each for High, Low, Jack, and Game. The first player to ten points wins. If both players reach ten in the same hand, the points count in order of High, Low, Jack, and Game to avoid a tie.

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