Sauerkraut (Canning)

This recipe is based on a traditional method of making kraut in a brine crock. You’ll need a large, 3-gallon crock.


  • 12 pounds cabbage
  • ¼ pound salt
  1. Wash the cabbage head; remove any leaves that have dark spots.

  2. Cut cabbage into quarters; remove core and shred into ¼-inch pieces.

  3. Mix cabbage with salt; pack firmly into brine crock.

  4. Fill crock, leaving 5" of headspace. If the brine has not covered the cabbage, boil some water, cool it, and then add it to the crock until the cabbage is completely covered.

  5. Use a small bowl, plate, or other weight at the top to push the cabbage down; cover crock with an airtight lid.

  6. Leave cabbage 5 weeks to ferment (75°F is the best temperature).

  7. Move sauerkraut to a nonaluminum pan; simmer until heated through.

  8. Pack hot into jars, leaving ½" headspace. Process 20 minutes in hot-water bath for quarts.

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