Romantic Weddings

The romance of candlelight and weddings is a given. What would one be without the other? Whether it's a huge formal wedding with all the trimmings or a small, private affair, candles will enhance the proceedings and make the bride and groom — and everyone else — feel special on that meaningful occasion.

Depending on the time of day chosen for the ceremony and the reception, candles can be utilized in a number of different ways. If, for example, the wedding is a daytime affair followed by a luncheon reception, suitably decorated candles can be placed on every table as place-markers.

To remove bits of wax residue from votive cups, place them in the freezer overnight. Because wax shrinks when it freezes, it will then be easy to remove. Another nonstick idea is to coat the inside of votive cups with pan spray, which also will prevent wax from sticking.

The wedding that is followed by an evening reception provides the best venue for using candles, which can be displayed throughout the reception area, be it a great hall or a private living room. Popular colors include, of course, white and ivory, surrounded with lilies and stephanotis or other white-flowered sprays of the season.

For a different note, try using pastel colors — perhaps to match the bridesmaids' dresses. If the bride has chosen a specific color scheme for her wedding party's gowns, that can be repeated in the candles used both for the ceremony and the reception. These can be combined with the flowers chosen for the bride's and her bridesmaids' bouquets.

Or, for an autumn wedding, choose rich, deep colors — like burgundy and russet — and mix these with the colors of the season. Whichever color scheme is chosen, all types of candles work well, depending on the type of wedding.

Post-Wedding Candles

A nice note for the newly married couple is to save a pair or two of elegant dipped tapers from the wedding candles for after the ball is over. A thoughtful “morning after” gift of their special wedding candles will remind them that it's important to take time out for a candlelit dinner just for two to keep the spark of romance alive after their return to normal — hectic and busy — life. There's no better way to strike a romantic note — just make sure to include matches!

And don't forget about engagement parties and wedding anniversary celebrations. These too will be enhanced with thoughtfully chosen candle arrangements.

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