Stirring the Pot

While you don't need to stir melting wax, you will need to stir in your additives — stearic acid, other waxes, colorants or dyes, and scents (if you use them).

Practically any old thing will do for stirring the melted wax — old long-handled wooden spoons are ideal. If you don't have any, chances are you can pick up some cheaply at a garage or yard sale, or at a flea market. I once bought a bunch of old wooden utensils — spoons, scrapers, mallets, and a couple whose purpose I didn't know — at a flea market for a few dollars. And I still use them.

There's a type of wooden utensil that's like a flat spoon with a hole in the middle. This is especially good for stirring wax that's beginning to thicken.

How to Get FREE Stirrers

Another handy stirrer can be had for free at your paint store. Paint stirrers are flat paddles given away with the purchase of paint, and paint store salespeople are usually happy to give you a few extra because they are imprinted with advertising for the brand of paint and/or the store. So when you have an occasion to buy paint, ask for extra stirrers and stash them away.

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