Good News About Wax Removal

Throughout this book, we have cautioned you to carefully cover all work and surrounding surfaces to avoid the problem of spilled wax. We've suggested you wear old, disposable clothes. Now — as an avid reader of mail-order catalogs — I am able to bring you some good news. I have recently discovered some wax-removal products that actually work!

The Vermont Country Store sells a product called “Wax Away,” which they claim removes spilled candle wax even from delicate linens, works fast with no scraping, and will not stain. An 8-ounce bottle is $8.95. Call (802) 362-0285 or reach them on the Web at

Called simply “Wax Remover” by its purveyor, this product loosens wax so you can simply lift it off. A liquid, it can be used on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces, carpets, tablecloths, and clothing. An 8-ounce bottle costs $9.95. Contact Illuminations at (800) 226-3537 or visit their Web site at

Candle Care Kit is an excellent collection that contains a silver-plated candle shaver, stainless steel wick trimmer (angled to reach deep-set wicks in pillars), steel tweezers to remove wick debris, Wax Remover, and Candle Stickers. The Candle Care Kit is also available from Illuminations (see their contact information in the preceding paragraph).

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