How to Put Candles Out Correctly

It is best not to simply blow the candle out. You may get soot in your eye or in your lungs. Using a snuffer made for the purpose is ideal, but you can also pinch it out with wet fingers, if you are quick about it.

Another way to put out the candle flame is to stick two fingers out sideways, so you can't see the flame, about an inch in front of the flame, then blow hard directly at your fingers. The flow of air will jump over your fingers, hit the flame, and put it out. Alternatively, you can turn a soup spoon over the flame until it is extinguished.

For candles you plan to light again at another time, snuff the candle rather than blowing it out.

Extinguishing Large Diameter Candles

The best way to put out a container candle, a refillable candle, or any large-diameter candle with a large well of melted wax in the center is to simply push the wick down into the molten wax with a match stick, burned end down. You can also use a pencil or a metal skewer, or the handle end of a spoon.

Push the wick into the hot wax, which will extinguish it, and then lift it out of the wax so you can trim it for relighting. If any bits of burned wick get into the pool of wax, just fish them out with your utensil.

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