Mind-Calming Visualization with Candles

When you are feeling anxious about anything, you can calm yourself with the following visualization, done in a quiet space. Surround yourself with the appropriate handmade candles and light them one by one before beginning.

Become quiet and let the peace of your candlelit space sink deeply into your inner mind and spirit. Then, visualize a natural setting. It can be a place you love to visit, or a place you have seen in a magazine picture or a TV travelogue, or an imaginary place.

You might take a walk through snowy woods, hike up a mountain pass, take a leisurely break by the side of a cool lake, or go to the beach at whatever time of year you like best. The idea is to pick something you find calming and soothing. The light from your handmade candles will enhance this process immeasurably.

You might try imagining sitting by a lake in spring when the wildflowers are just beginning to bloom. Visualize yourself walking down a country road to the shore of the lake, enjoying the fresh yet warm spring air with its breeze that hints of nature's renewal. Allow yourself to feel invigorated and relaxed. Feel the warmth of the spring sun on your shoulders. You might take off your jacket and turn up your face to the sun's gentle warmth, which adumbrates the summer to come.

When you reach the lake's shore, find a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Enjoy the feel of the grass beneath you, inhale the scent of the wildflowers, watch the lake waters swelling gently, listen to the birds chirping, see the myriad forms of life all about you exhibiting nature's annual renewal of herself.

Take off your shoes and dabble you feet in the water, feeling its refreshing coolness. Perhaps a small fish nibbles at your bare toes and tickles you. Watch a pair of mating ducks land on the lake and see the water birds soaring overhead in the clear blue sky. Feel at one with the scene. Notice how the water catches the sun's light and see the reflection of a passing cloud on its placid surface.

Take your time to enjoy this place, letting all your worries and tensions slip away until you feel utterly calm.

After finishing this healing meditation, carefully begin to extinguish your candles, one by one, in the same order in which you lit them originally.

When using candles for meditation, remember that contemplative silence is necessary for the spiritual journey — and there is no better method of doing this than gazing deep into the mysterious flame of a candle. You can use candles in all sorts of meditations. For more meditations I have developed, see my books Awaken to Your Spiritual Self, Your Psychic Potential, and Healing Mind, Body, Spirit. These are excellent guidelines for those of you who want to meditate more or develop meditations of your own.

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