Wax Appliqué Method

You can make any number of interesting shapes from wax to use as an appliqué. Before starting out on such a project, make a collection of wax shapes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Then, when you are ready to decorate your candle, you'll have the materials at hand.

Shapely Wax

Here's how to make wax shapes:

Prepare shallow baking pans (such as cookie sheets with rims), one for each color you want. Next, melt enough wax to form a ¼″ coating on each sheet. (You can measure this in water first.)

Melt your wax in the usual way and pour out just enough to cover the bottom of the baking sheet. When wax is set but still warm, cut out shapes, using cookie cutters. While the wax is still warm, remove the shapes and press them with your fingers into formed shapes, such as flowers or angel wings made from a heart shape. Or, simply leave the cut out shapes in the pan to cool and use them as they are.

Adhere the wax cutouts to the candle either with wax glue or by using the hot spoon method described in the previous section. Attach the shape onto the candle where you have melted the surface wax.

When you have applied all the shapes to your candle — it's a good idea to draw out your design beforehand — follow the instructions for overdipping. Be sure to overdip quickly so that your wax shapes don't melt off!

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