There are many different ways to advertise and alert the public that you are in the business of buying pre-foreclosure and foreclosure properties. None of the methods of advertising requires extensive advertising budgets.

Some investors advertise on a grand scale. Some have paid huge fees to purchase advertising on billboards beside busy highways or streets. Others have paid hefty advertising rates to television stations for fifteen- or thirty-second spots. You do not need to do this. There are ways you can get the word out inexpensively.

Classified Advertisements

Buy small classified advertisements in the local newspapers as well as in any advertising-only, throwaway weeklies that might be published and distributed in your farm area. These advertisements are inexpensive and can generate thousands of dollars of profit for you each year.

Place your ad in the “real estate wanted” section. Your advertisement should be simple. It should say something like “I Buy Houses” and include your telephone number.

Don't advertise that you only want to purchase foreclosure properties. You want people with all kinds of properties for sale to call. Even though you may not want the nonforeclosure properties, you might want to pass along any leads to others in your network of associates.

Be sure you have your phone answered twenty-four hours a day. Voice mail or an answering machine should be attached to the line. However, you should not hide behind an automatic answer system. Potential foreclosure sellers will not leave a message, or if they do, you can be sure they are going to call another real-estate investor. It is always best to answer your phone as much as possible. Take your calls, especially if you are advertising your phone number.

Bandit Signs

Another way to locate pre-foreclosure properties is to erect bandit signs at busy intersections. These are yard-type signs that you erect at busy intersections, usually after 5 P.M. Friday, and you remove before 8 A.M. Monday morning.

The idea is to have them up when city hall is closed. Before they get a complaint about them, you have taken them down and they are gone. You are an advertising bandit. The typical bandit signs say something like “I Buy Houses For Cash” and includes your phone number. One source for these signs is

Nontraditional Advertising Methods

There are many other places and methods you can advertise that will cost you little yet can help get the word out about you and your willingness to purchase properties.

Advertise in other unconventional places that are inexpensive. For example, consider testing an advertisement on your community cable TV channel. Church bulletins are often inexpensive. Another inexpensive and effective place to advertise is on menus in the local community's diners. You can also place small ads, often free, on the Internet. One good place to put your advertisement is on

Place brochures or small posters on the community bulletin boards. While you are there, be sure to look for FSBO properties.

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