Saying Goodbye

You've learned the most common ways of greeting people and introducing yourself. But what about when you have to say goodbye? Instead of just leaving the room without being noticed, try and use these words to bid farewell to your newfound Brazilian friends. It will earn you positive points on the social scale, which will help you out next time you see them.






Até logo./Até breve.

See you soon.

Até mais.

See you later.

Até amanhã!

See you tomorrow!

Tudo de bom.

All the best.

Boa viagem.

Have a good trip.

Vou nessa.

I'm leaving./I have to go. [very informal]

Volte sempre.

Come back always./Come again.

Amanhã a gente se fala.

We'll talk tomorrow.

Me diverti muito!

I had a lot of fun!

Boa noite!

Good night!

As far as saying goodbye, the same kissing rules apply: one or two kisses for women, warm handshakes for men. Don't be surprised if a Brazilian will kiss you three times and say três pra casar, meaning “three times so you can get married.” This is sort of a little play with the two-kiss rule, and one which can lead to closer friendships.

Exercise: Goodbye!

Now test what you've learned about saying goodbye in Portuguese. Fill in the blanks in the dialogue below, according to the context. Check your answers in Appendix C.

  • Lúcia: Olá, Seu Ivanildo,________________vai o_________________?

  • Seu Ivanildo: Vou bem,______________________, Lúcia. E você?

  • Lúcia:______________________bom. Tchau!

  • Seu Ivanildo: Até ______________________

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