Language Teaser #23

Difficulty: Medium

To find the answers to the following questions, you start with words that start with the prefix “in.” But the words will only answer the questions when a space is added after the “in.” For example, the answer to the question “Where is the horse?” would be INSTALL (in stall). Obviously it's not proper grammar, but you get the point. Can you figure out the “in” words that answer the following questions?

  • Where is my sleeping bag?

  • Where is my wife's stomach?

  • Where does the air go after the fan sucks it up?

  • I put some food down in the seabird's cage. Where did it go?

  • Where is the church bell?


A homonym is a word that sounds and is often spelled the same as another word with a different meaning. An example would be “bear” (the animal) and “bear” (to carry).

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