Boxers do not need excessive grooming, but a good brushing at least once a week is in order. It is also a good idea to brush your boxer before you bathe him to remove all dead hair and dander. In nice weather, it is best to do this outside. Even boxers can shed quite a bit during changes in seasons, when other breeds normally shed their coats. Regular brushing for your boxer is like a combination sponge bath and massage — it takes the dirt and dander out of his coat, along with the dead hair, and distributes his own body oils that make his coat shine.

Wire brushes that are used on longer-haired dogs and terriers are not good for boxers. The wire brushes are too harsh for the softer coat of the boxer and may scratch his skin. A better choice is a natural bristle brush or one with rubber nubs, or both. While the first will take out more dirt, dander, and dead hair, the second gives the surface of the skin a good massage.

Normally, a natural bristle brush, a slicker brush, or a glove with a brush in it will be enough to keep his coat shiny. However, if your boxer is a woolly boxer, or one with a heavier, slightly longer coat, you may need a coat stripper (a comb-like tool with slightly serrated edges and a handle) to get out the excess hair. If you find your boxer shedding too much hair, you might want to have his thyroid checked, or add omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to his food, or both. When boxers shed excessively, it usually means they need some kind of adjustment to their diet. Alternatively, they may be developing thyroiditis.

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