Eyelashes, individually taken, are teeny tiny hairs that are supposed to catch debris before it enters the eye, but those little hairs hold a lot of power in their collective strands. Women think about their eyelashes a lot — they curl them, apply mascara to them to make them appear longer and thicker, and know how to bat them to win a guy over. When you look at an artist's drawing of a baby, you'll note that the child will inevitably have gorgeous eyes and long, beautiful eyelashes. That's right — the allure of the lashes is another one of those nonverbal things that ties into the innocence of childhood. The longer and more beautiful the lashes are, the more harmless you appear to be. (You'll read more about the technique involved in the successful lash-bat in Chapter 17.)

Long eyelashes are considered beautiful … but only if they appear to be somewhat natural. When lashes are so caked with mascara that they look like spikes coming out of the eyes, you've crossed the line from innocent to quite frightening. Wipe some of that mascara off and go with a cleaner look.

The average person blinks about twenty times a minute. When any sort of anxiety or excitement comes onto the scene, that number shoots up noticeably. This surge in emotion is why women may bat their eyes on a date, but also why you might blink more than usual when speaking with your boss or when telling a lie.

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