I’m All Woman!

Women who are looking to woo men do well to show off their assets, and not just the obvious ones. Take stock of your other feminine features, like your neck, shoulders, back, and arms.

Well, this might not be all it takes, but most men find toned arms attractive, even if they don’t realize it. The same goes for pretty shoulders, a flawless back, and a graceful neck. These features accentuate the differences between the sexes: men want to have big arms, big shoulders, big necks, and big backs. These features are usually smaller on a woman, which again says to the man, “I’m little and harmless and I need you to protect me!”

Of course, women don’t actually need men to protect them these days, at least not in the same ways that men protected their women (from wild animals and marauders) centuries ago. Still, a lot of body language is based on instinct, so many men are drawn to women who are smaller and (supposedly) weaker than they are.

Now, not every woman is blessed with toned arms and shoulders, a graceful-looking back, and a swanlike neck. But take a good look at these upper-body areas in your mirror and find a way to show off what you do have. Display your lovely arms in sleeveless tops; wear a backless dress on your next date; show off your neck if it rivals Audrey Hepburn’s.

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