Steps to Keeping Your Pet Bird Happy and Healthy

Monday August 27, 2012
pet bird Buying a new cage, stocking up on birdseed, and choosing a few toys aren't the only tasks that need to be done when prepping to become a bird owner. Birds have some specific needs that you'll want to be aware of to ensure your family's new feathered friend feels safe, well-fed, and loved.

There's More to Being a Caterer Than Cooking

Friday August 24, 2012
catering business Being an awesome chef is one key ingredient to becoming a successful caterer, but that's not the only requirement. To get a catering business off the ground and growing, there are several more important skills that a person should already possess -- or be able to quickly learn.

When to Be Worried About Defiant Behavior

Wednesday August 22, 2012
defiance Kids aren't perfect angels all the time, and part of being a parent is learning to deal with the tantrums, backtalk, and door slams that come with the territory. But if a certain amount of "I hate you!"s is normal, how can you tell if your child's behavior has crossed the line into an area that requires real worry and, perhaps, intervention?

Getting to Know Ayn Rand and Objectivism

Monday August 20, 2012
ayn rand Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, and with that announcement came a renewed interest in the philosophies of Ayn Rand, as Ryan counted himself a big fan of hers. So who was Rand, what is objectivism, and how do objectivists view the world around them?

First Day Jitters: What New Teachers Should Remember

Friday August 17, 2012
new teacher The first day of school can be just as nerve-wracking (and exciting!) for first-time teachers as for the students. Keep your anxiety in check and get the year started right by reminding yourself of a few things about all the shiny, young faces staring back at you.

A Comfort Food Classic with a Tad Less Work

Wednesday August 15, 2012
Boeuf Bourguignon Celebrate what would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday with one of her most well-known dishes: Boeuf Bourguignon. And anyone can tackle this less-intensive version of the recipe -- you'll have everyone thinking you're a gourmet chef in no time (even yourself).

Must-See Spots on a Visit to the Emerald Isle

Monday August 13, 2012
ireland If the Olympics gave you a bit of a travel bug -- 196 countries to visit! -- allow us to suggest the perfect destination for your next adventure: beautiful Ireland. So much to do, see, eat and drink, the hardest part will be deciding what to do first. Make sure you fit at least a handful of these memorable sites into your itinerary.

Dilated or No? The Parts of an Eye Exam

Friday August 10, 2012
eye exam August is National Eye Exam Month, so there's your excuse to finally make that eye doctor appointment that's been put off again and again. If you've never been or haven't in awhile, it might be smart to read up on what you're getting yourself into -- though, really, a comprehensive exam isn't as terrible as you might think.

What We Already Know About the Red Planet

Wednesday August 8, 2012
mars The Mars Curiosity Rover has landed safely on Mars and begun its exploration of the planet. Scientists are hoping to find evidence of life, which be an incredible discovery to add to the list of things we've already learned about our planetary neighbor.

Origins, Customs, and the Ten Gurus of Sikhism

Monday August 6, 2012
sikhism Sikhism is a relatively new religion, having only been around for about 500 years, yet it's grown to become the fifth largest in the world. Despite its size, followers are often misunderstood by people who assume Sikhs are basically the same as Muslims. Get to know the foundations of Sikhism, including where Sikhs pray and traditions that comprise family life.

Healthy Eating: Classic Salad Combinations

Friday August 3, 2012
salads People that say they don't like eating salad just aren't trying hard enough. There are so many different varieties and combinations of ingredients to behold, with so many fun dressings and embellishments, that anyone -- yes, even the anti-veggie ones among us -- can find something they like.

5 Effective Swimming Programs for Any Level

Wednesday August 1, 2012
swimming If all the Olympic swimming awesomeness has gotten you motivated and ready to jump into the nearest pool... well, us too. Conveniently, there are several routines already available to help strengthen your skills and get the most workout from those laps.
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